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A word to the wise: Never get your website put in redemption. I don’t know if it’s me, or the domain company (who shall remain nameless), or just all-around bad luck, but my dawnhalliday.com website has been offline for almost a month now. This is not for lack of me … read more ↦

Jennifer, the kindergarten teacher? Uh, no!

First of all, congrats to Ginger C, who won the Margaret Mallory books. I have a new contest going on, this time for an amazing romantic suspense by Susan Crandall, so please go check out my bonus features page for more information.

Secondly, as many of you know, I have … read more ↦

Contest winner & more contests

Congrats to Jessica M., who won (per random.org) my most recent contest! She gets a copy of A HINT OF WICKED by me, a copy of HIGHLAND OBSESSION also by me (but writing as Dawn Halliday, lol), and a bunch of author goodies.

Thanks to all who entered the contest! … read more ↦

More fun stuff!

Congrats to Pam P, who won a copy of A HINT OF WICKED from my last blog post.

I’m gearing up for the blog tour, answering interview questions like a madwoman! Do you think it’s okay to copy and paste when two people ask me a similar question? Hmmm….I feel … read more ↦

Winners! And a new contest

I have winners for the Tessa Dare/Evie Byrne contest! They are: RF Long, Aileen Fish, and Wanderer. Congrats!

It was really fascinating reading everyone’s responses. Sometimes I was nodding my head thinking, “Yes, yes, yes!”, and sometimes I was thinking, “Well, I took a little time to warm up to … read more ↦

Mothers Day Giveaway

It’s Mother’s Day weekend, right? Which means surely, surely, I can take a few hours off to finish Jackie Barbosa’s upcoming release, BEHIND THE RED DOOR! Jackie was kind enough to send me an early copy of the book. I’ve read the first novella, and let me tell you, this … read more ↦

Crewe House

In my two visits to London since I started writing A HINT OF WICKED, I spent lots of time staring at the Saudi Arabian Embassy. Only slightly intimidated by the guards bearing gigantic automatic weapons and casting suspicious looks in my direction, I’ve paced back and forth in front of … read more ↦

Internet Paranoia

paranoid-girlDo you ever get paranoid? I tell you, the internet can do that to a person. I don’t know what’s going on, but there’s currently a whole list of things I’m paranoid about!

(1) I get a blunt-sounding email from a friend, and I wonder why she’s angry with me … read more ↦

A Day in the Life

An average day in Jennifer’s life:

6:30: Mr. Haymore wakes me up. I’m not very happy about this and I turn over and try to go back to sleep. He’s forced to yank the covers off me and drag me to the shower.
7:00: Get the kids dressed, breakfast made, … read more ↦

Overwhelmed, much?

It's been one of those days

Pretty much sums up my 2009 so far…
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