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December 13, 2016
Stand Alone, part of the series

I’m falling in love with the hottest, sexiest, sweetest man. Problem is…I can’t let him touch me. As much as I want him, my body has other plans. I shrink from his touch. I push him away again and again. And now I’m going to lose him before we ever got started.

“You’re a cold fish in bed. The worst sex I’ve ever had. How can you blame me for sleeping with her?” That’s what my ex told me when I caught him with another woman. Since then, I can hardly look at a man without those words ringing through me.

But then my boss, drop-dead sexy Kainoa Turner, asked me out. Kai is amazing—I’d been crushing on him for months, so I couldn’t say no. But every time he tries to touch to me, the panic is overwhelming and—I can’t help it—I shut down.

A guy can only take so much rejection. As much as he likes me, and as much as I like him, both he and I know this isn’t going to work out.

I am about to lose the man I’m falling in love with. I need help, and I’m about to get it from an unlikely source—Kai—who’s not even aware of his ability to seduce me in my dreams.

Warning: This is a standalone May-December short story about two people falling hard in love but slamming into a major roadblock along the way. Prepare yourself for inhibitions melting away and no-holds-barred sex. After reading this, you’ll probably need a fan, your partner, and a box of sex toys. Just sayin’.

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