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Congratulations to Christy M., who won a copy of Seduce Me by Robyn DeHart. Continuing with my flurry of offerings by my fellow Forever Authors, next up, I have a fantastic duo of books by Margaret Mallory! Please head over to my bonus features page and check it out!

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A Present

I received a little gift in my inbox this week. What is it? It’s the step back (inside cover) for A Touch of Scandal! I’m so excited!

a touch of scandal step back

What do you think?

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How rude!

I’m researching the winter holidays in England today. Don’t ask me how this came up when I did a search for winter holidays, but it did. Quotes like this are so grouch-inducing for me!

From the London Magazine, Vol VII, 1827
-From the London Magazine, Vol VII, 1827

Yellow?!?!?! Really?! I mean, I know old, ugly woman jokes are in existence even now, but still…sigh.

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Elizabeth Hoyt Winner

Congrats to Susan L., who won Elizabeth Hoyt’s Prince Trilogy over on my contest page. I’ll have another contest going up in the next week or so.

Happy New Year, everyone! We spent our New Year’s Eve packing and moving. I’m sitting here in our new house surrounded by unpacked boxes and not quite feeling like I’m at home yet. Hopefully that changes very soon…

My year ended on a fantastic note, though–I sold another three historical romances to Grand Central Publishing! I am so excited about these books, and I can’t wait to share more of my late-Regency world with you all!

I hope you all have a magnificent 2010!

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Fashion Sleuthing Part 2

Gentlemen’s fashions are a touch more difficult for me than the ladies’ fashions. It’s a real challenge to find pictures and corresponding descriptions. Even more important, I want my heroes wearing…well, for lack of a better word, manly clothes. Look at these descriptions of some of the men’s fashions of 1829:

Light blue embroidered gloves:

some young men have appeared at balls with blue dress gloves embroidered with white…

and silk cloaks:

…cloaks of the gentlemen lined with plush silk of celestial blue…

and hankies with embroidered corners:

…at balls our young exquisites sport pocket handkerchiefs of fine lawn with a hem as broad as their thumbs the corners only are embroidered.

and flowery shoes:

…shoes tied with a small rosette.

and stylishly curled coiffures:

…a young gentleman now suffers his hair to grow has it curled and parted on the left side of the forehead.

(these examples are all from The Mirror of literature, amusement, and instruction, Volume 13 By Reuben Percy, John Timbs, 1829)

Worst of all, corsets were in style for men. Here’s a caricature of the styles for 1827. Look how tightly those poor men are cinched up! (Also look at the poor ladies’ hats–but that’s a whole ‘nother post!)

© Bodleian Library, University of Oxford: John Johnson Collection

© Bodleian Library, University of Oxford: John Johnson Collection

I suppose the Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion (1827) said it best:

…they say that a tall, thin man with his waist pinched in, and if he is withal very full, looks like grasshopper in an asthma.

Sigh. Maybe I should stop researching and go directly to the Pride and Prejudice movies. Of course, these movies represented a time several years earlier than the settings of my books… Nevertheless, with some variations the basic idea is there: shirts, cravats, tailcoats…

So I’ll just think of Mr. Darcy.

Better yet, Mr. Darcy just after a swim…


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Jennifer the Fashion Sleuth

I’m always on the search for examples of fashions during the time in which I write. Women’s fashions are easy enough to find, though they can be challenging to decipher. (For me, anyway…even today’s fashions befuddle me, so going back two hundred years definitely makes my brain spin!) Read this description from fashions for December, 1827:

CARRIAGE DRESS: A pelisse of rich gros de Naples of a beautiful stone colour with a deep border of the same on the bias headed by narrow vandykes.
-From the Lady’s Monthly Museum, Vol. 26

Hmm…it takes some sleuthing, but I can ultimately figure it out. The above is the beginning of the description of the carriage dress shown here on the left.

I might just put Lady Rebecca in this dress at some point in A SEASON OF SEDUCTION… Though I really love the evening dress on the right…sigh. I wonder how it would be received at my husband’s company Christmas party if I wore it… :)

On Thursday, I’m going to be talking about my continuing challenge to find interesting (and masculine!) variations in men’s fashions of the time!

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Winner, update, etc.

The winner of my holiday contest was Denise Y! She’s getting a copy of A HINT OF WICKED, a copy of A HIGHLANDER CHRISTMAS, and lots of yummy-smelling holiday bath and body goodies. Congrats to Denise!

I lied about that being my last contest of the year, lol. I have another one up–you can enter to win a copy of Elizabeth Hoyt’s amazing Prince Trilogy. Go on over to my Bonus Features pages and check it out!

I’m heading off to City Hall right now. We’re in escrow both to sell our house and buy a new one, and it just came to our attention that the new house lot might be entirely in a flood zone (which means we can’t build or make improvements–very frustrating). So I’m off to the city to clarify the situation. I tell you, it’s one thing after another when you’re in a real estate transaction. My husband and I were completely crazy to start this process during the holidays.

Come check out my blog over at Popculture Divas, where I’m talking about tattoos, piercings, and elf ears today.

I’m also working on edits for A SEASON OF SEDUCTION–this is the story of the young sister, Becky, from A HINT OF WICKED. I’m loving this story…Becky has learned a lot since her naivety during A HINT OF WICKED, and she has lots of surprises in store for her hero, Jack. I can’t wait until it comes out next October!

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New Contest

Come check out my new contest. It’s my last contest of the year, and I have lots of cool stuff to give away for the holidays, including a copy of A HINT OF WICKED!

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Our Favorite Heroes

Hi Everyone! I hope all you Americans had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Mine was spent with friends and family–it was very nice.

The contest I was running for the books + Victoria’s Secret goodies is over. Congrats to the winner, Terri C! The question was, “Who is your favorite hero from books and TV?” The answers were very interesting! By far, the favorite hero is…Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice! Seriously, what’s not to love about Darcy? So proud, and so humbled… :)

Here are some of the other answers I received–I love the anti-heroes choices–very interesting!

Captain Jack Sparrow (I think he came in second place–maybe a tie between him and Rhett Butler & Jamie Fraser…)
JR Ward’s heroes
Simon Dermott (played by Peter O’Toole) in “How to Steal a Million”
Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent from Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas (I *really* have to read this book!)
Derek Craven Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas (I think she’s the only author who had two different heroes listed!)
Dillon from Into The Fire by Anne Stuart
Chase from Sandra Brown’s Texas Trilogy
Indiana Jones (Yay!–and more than one person chose Indy too!)
James Bond
Batman (more than one answered with Batman!)
Roarke from JD Robb’s “In Death” series
Johnny Castle (played by Patrick Swayze) in “Dirty Dancing”
John McClane (played By Bruce Willis) in “Die Hard”
Rhett Butler (more than one answered with Rhett! I agree-he’s such a delicious bad boy!)
Aragorn from Lord of the Rings
Sam from Lord of the Rings (how cute is that? She’s right, though, Sam is such a fantastic hero!)
Harrison Ford, Air Force One movie
Beauchamp from Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Det. Alex Cross from the James Patterson books
Takashi O’Brien from Ice Blue
Brodick in Ransom by Julie Garwood
the villian Hannibal Lector (wow!)
Sean from Stormfire by Christine Monson
Adam from Bertrice Small’s O’Malley series
Colin Bridgerton from Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn
Edward from Twilight
Jamie Fraser from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series (many answered w/ Jamie–this would have been my answer!)
John Thornton from North & South

Anyway, thanks to everyone who entered, congrats to Terri, and please stay tuned for my next contest!

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Well, we’re selling our house and buying a new one. I forgot how tremendously stressful and time-consuming this process is! But we’ve set our sights on an amazing home–my kids adore the backyard. I hope we get it.

In writing related news, I’m working on edits for the third book, A Season of Seduction (due out next October). I love this book–it’s the story of Becky (Garrett’s younger sister from A Hint of Wicked) and her incredibly sexy hero, Jack. :)

I just posted a new contest to celebrate the holidays! Win a canvas tote filled with books & Victoria’s Secret goodies! Check it out over at my contest page.

If I don’t post before then, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I will be spending it in Oregon with my grandfather, who will be spending his first Thanksgiving in 70 years without my grandma. I think it’s going to be a bittersweet day for all of us.

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