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Captured by a Celtic Warrior!

Captured by a Celtic Warrior is out today, and it is already on the bestseller lists at Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble. Kris Kennedy, Eliza Knight, Vonda Sinclair, and I are so thankful to all the readers who’ve bought the collection. If you haven’t gotten it yet, now is the time, because it’s only $0.99, and this weekend it’s going up to its regular price of $4.99.

What I really loved about working on Captured by a Celtic Warrior with Vonda, Kris, and Eliza, was the opportunity to work as a team in developing this collection. Writing is an isolating business, perfect for us introverts, but sometimes it’s inspiring to collaborate with others, and it certainly was in this case! I really loved how we worked together to hammer out the details of the King Richard Dagger, and how our stories follow it through the ages. It all starts with Kris’s story in 1193, then Eliza’s takes place in 1306, Vonda’s in 1619, and I end in the Regency period in 1816. The politics and lives of the times we’ve written about are vastly different, but in all of them, the human condition is the same. There is good and evil, life and death, and the King Richard Dagger threads them all together. I’m so proud of this collection–it was a blast to put together and I’m so excited about its release!

Here’s a list of the things I’m doing to celebrate the release:

(1) Facebook Party! Join us this afternoon for lots of fun and prizes!
(2) Celtic Knot Pendant giveaway-check it out to win a beautiful stirling silver necklace
(3) Win a Kindle Fire + 35 historical romances!


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